Rohde SS23 Campaign Video Shooting

ROHDE - ONE LIFE - Spring/Summer Video Campaign 2023

Young people spend an average of 3 hours per day on social media.

That’s: 21 hours per week. 90 hours per month. 1.5 months per year.

With our “ONE LIFE” campaign, we wanted to do more than just create a new branding campaign for ROHDE Shoes GmbH. We aimed to make a significant impact on the current societal trend that affects young people in particular.

A trend that has long since moved beyond merely connecting with friends.

In times of emotional overwhelm, such as during pandemics, lockdowns, political unrest, social injustice, and climate crises, a natural defense mechanism called “numbness” sets in. We shut off emotions, escape from the real world, and lose ourselves in virtual worlds to cope with stress and constant pressure.

The ROHDE campaign is designed to remind us of the importance of being more conscious of our time and to encourage us not to be beaten down by all the happenings around us, savoring every precious moment to the fullest.

→ “Your second life begins when you realize that you only have one.”

Incredibly grateful for the collaboration with ROHDE Shoes GmbH and the entire team in bringing this meaningful campaign to life in Bali. Much love!

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