About us

What unites us is the desire to constantly improve, without losing sight of the essentials - having fun at work and spending quality time together.

BENCHMARKED is a young team of big personalities put together. Made up of media buyers, social media managers, photographers and more, we always manage to combine our strengths to achieve goals that sometimes seem monumental at first. Although we are a start-up and are young at heart and soul, we plan on being around for a good time AND a long time.


Located in the cultural hub of Western Germany, there is never a dull moment in the inner city of Cologne. It’s the vibe an agency such as ours really thrives off. Although most of our work is done digitally, we love having the accessibility to easily network in person and to show face as often as we can with our existing clients and potential new-comers.


Working as a team and enjoying your work are two essential factors for achieving success and fulfillment in any job or project, both personally and professionally. At BENCHMARKED we always manage to find joy in the work we do – no matter what the project entails nor what continent we may find ourselves on. We are all eyes and ears and support each other 100% of the way with strong senses of communication and collaboration.


“>We believe that maintaining a healthy work-life balance is crucial for both physical and mental well-being. It allows individuals to prioritize their personal and professional goals, leading to greater job satisfaction and a healthier, happier life overall. Some of our team events have really been highlights on the calender. They offer everyone in the team the chance to let their personality really shine through and esentially, to build strong relationships within the team and to feel more welcome and comfortable in the work place.